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Quortex is an innovative start-up developing a solution for live video delivery over the Internet (OTT). Our AI-based solution, relying on key patents, aims to revolutionize the live content delivery chain breaking the last major technological limitations in terms of massive scalability while lowering infrastructure and network costs. Quortex changes the paradigm of content delivery by introducing “Just-In-Time Everything”, a Cloud-Native technology that builds the workflow based from the user demand, not from the content origination. Combining this patented architectural breakthrough with the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence makes our solution fully adaptive to unpredictable network, infrastructure and audience dynamics. As a fast-growing business-oriented start-up, we are looking for talented, curious and inspired people who want to disrupt the way live content reaches billions across the world. At Quortex, we do believe that employees are the most valuable assets. If you want to be part of the Quortex adventure,

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